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With plans for the 2016 season well underway the CRT pre-season training programme includes ice racing in Latvia, MX and MtB training in the UK as well as the annual trip to Spain and France to test the new bikes and kit.
The big news for the new season is that Lewis has agreed terms with French team RAW Motorsports to race in the tough French, S1 Prestige championships aboard a RAW TM450-SMX. Needless to say in a grid full of top World championship legends of supermoto Lewis is hoping to rise to the challenge ahead and show what he can do in perhaps the toughest domestic championship in the world. With RAW Motorsport's help and assistance Lewis is aiming high with a view to showing his credentials competing against the very best riders in the world.
Thanks to existing Aussie sponsor Bryan Rankin, Lewis now has the benefit of a pair of top spec bikes on which to compete in the 2016 season. Also many thanks to Kenny Lee at Kenny Motorworks for his continued support in the FIM Asia Championship, providing bikes, technical support and logistics as well as a very warm welcome in Kuala Lumpur.
Suspension specialists FTR have also re-confirmed their support for Lewis servicing the rear Ohlins shocks and forks with Ohlins which are currently undergoing the talented attentions of James at their Braintree premises.
Official TM 'Factory' lube suppliers Vroom have also confirmed their 2016 sponsorship supplying Lewis and RAW Motorsport with their world championship winning synthetic oils, lubricants and sprays.
British company Venhill Engineering have once more provided a selection of custom made hydraulic control lines and control cables to continue their much appreciated support of Lewis and CRT.
Yet another British company who continue to sponsor Lewis is Essex based GMX Radiators where Dave repairs and strengthening CTR team radiators. As well is as supplying a custom set of extra capacity, heavy duty custom GMX radiators to ensure Lewis' TM450-SMX keeps its cool in the heat of the action during the long summer races in Europe and Asia.
obp Sportbike & Motocross are making their first foray into supermoto and will be supplying Lewis with a range of quality pit, paddock and bike related products.
Still flying the Union flag Ducksmart cleaning products will once more be supplying Lewis and CRT with their excellent range of cleaning products to ensure all the team bikes are kept clean and spotless.
Another Essex company extending their level of sponsorship is Holroyd Tyre Warmers who have been pleased with the publicity from their first two year's sponsorship of Lewis and have now confirmed support for his CRT team mates with their quality British made, customised tyre warmers.

As Lewis' longest standing sponsor LR Designs are more than happy to continue supplying their custom graphics and Duratex custom seat covers to help make the Lewis' bikes the best looking machines in the paddock.
Italian company SM Projects have seen Lewis' race success at home and overseas and have stepped up to provide a range of special parts for his race bikes. SM Projects fabricate a range of stunning CnC machined parts specially for the Italian built bikes are confirmed as product sponsors for Lewis in 2015.
Another Italian manufacturer, PZ5 Cobra will be supplying Lewis and his RAW Motorsport team mates with their innovative race products including a dual front disc system which not only increases braking performance but also aids handling thanks to less 'gyro' effect on the front wheel. Other Cobra products such as the Adidge APTC clutch and triple clamps will also be offered to the team to use.

Team manager Dave Cornish would like to thank all of these technical sponsors for their level of support for Lewis and CRT. Without their help it would be virtually impossible for Lewis and CRT to reach their full potential and be competitive at the very top level of the sport. Negotiations are still underway with several more potential 'technical' sponsors and of course Lewis' personal equipment sponsors will be revealed shortly once agreements are confirmed.

Once again many thanks to all those involved with supporting Lewis and CRT. 2016 is sure to be another great year for all concerned.

After several successful seasons with CRT Supermoto, the 2016 season will see Lewis take on a fresh challenge. This year he will racing S1 spec TM450SMX race bikes (still under the team CRT umbrella set up by Dad, Dave Cornish) with support from RAW Motorsport and Kenny Motorworks.

Lewis and CRT (Cornish Racing Team) will be working in conjunction with French distributor RAW Motorsports to challenge for the ultra-tough French S1 Prestige Supermoto Championship title and also with Malaysian based team Kenny Motorworks to fight for the FIM Asia Championships.

Discussions with several sponsors following Lewis' successful ride in the Supermoto of Nations and his fantastic victories in Asia has resulted in this exciting change of direction for the 2016 season.Lewis and CRT has retained the support from previous product sponsors as well as signing up with several new supporters for 2016.

CRT Supermoto together with Motodroms based in Riga will also see Latvian team mate Edgars Ivushkans, plus British racers Kev Townsend and Craig Gray compete for the Baltic Supermoto Championships. All these riders will competing at home and abroad throughout the season aboard the stunning Italian built TMs.

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